Jo Malone London Scent Surround Collection

Jo Malone London Scent Surround diffuser and drawer sachets

Jo Malone London’s Scent Surround collection launches on Monday 2nd April, making your house smell as nice as you after you’ve spritzed some of its lovely perfume. I’ve been testing the Red Roses Scent Surround Diffuser this week and I am NEVER buying a scented candle ever again, as it’s diffusers ALL THE WAY for me from now on.

I’ve been a bit wary of the diffuser system up until now, as I’ve only ever experienced cheap and cheerful ones, where the smell is scarily ‘cleaning cupboard’. But as you would expect from Jo Malone London, these smell lovely, SO much longer lasting than candles, not to mention safer and I suspect better value (£45 for 165 ml). The Red Roses diffuser has been quietly making the hallway smell beautiful all week, no mean feat with teensons returning from University with black sacks full of grubby washing and general smelly rubbish. I also like the fact the diffuser works while we’re asleep, so the house smells lovely in the morning.

The Home Collection also includes a room spray (£34 for 175ml) and sachets for drawers/suitcases/laundry cupboards (£20 for 3) and wonderfully retro scented drawer liners (my nan always used to line her drawers with pretty paper and sprigs of lavender) which I think might help in keeping moths at bay. Although we have no scientific proof of this, we do ALL know by now (because we have bored you rigid on the subject) that moths don’t like strong smells much, so it can’t hurt having fragrant drawers (liners are £30 for 5 pieces). The sachets and drawer liners are limited edition, so don’t leave it too long if you fancy these. Buy here from 2nd April

Jo Malone London Scent Surround drawer liners and room spray

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