The Elegant Art of Falling Apart by Jessica Jones

Just when Jessica Jones thought she had it all –  a job she liked and a man who loved her, in a city she adored, –  she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

With the help of  friends and family, she got through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and flew to Sydney to be with Nick, the man who had stuck by her through all the pain and the fear. Only to be told on arrival that he’d been seeing someone else.

The Elegant Art of Falling Apart is the story of how she survived, learnt to ask for and accept help, tried to live in the moment and free herself from obsessing about love. It’s also full of useful tips on how to survive serious illness with style.

We met Jessica Jones last year, as her book was about to be published in her native Australia (where it became a best seller), and were fascinated by both her and her story. Her book is witty, honest and inspiring and worth reading, if you or someone you care about is going through cancer treatment. It’s only available through Unbound, the crowd sourced publishing website

Jessica also writes a blog called Chemo Chic, to help demystify some of the frightening and confusing things surrounding cancer treatment.

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  • steffi says:

    Funnily enough, I’ve been following Chemo Chic for a couple of years now and have exchanged a few messages with Jessica in that time – had no idea about her book, though! Sounds like a must-read to me. X

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