Printed perfume bottles from Jo Malone London

If perfume bottles are sitting on our dressing tables and taking up space, the very least they could do is look pretty. Often much of the marketing spend goes into packaging and exotic boxes (I think we are supposed to put the bottle back in these boxes after we spray, like we have the time or inclination for that level of tidying) and the bottle itself is a teeny bit disappointing.

Luckily there’s something of a mood change happening, Stella McCartney started it with her printed Limited Edition perfume bottles, but our favourites are from Jo Malone London. The London Blooms Collection has gorgeous floral imagery printed onto the front of each bottle and the soon to be launched Plum Blossom, a Limited Edition cologne has a delicate floral illustration on the glass. The London Blooms collection looks absolutely beautiful in the store window I walked passed this week, and my bottle of Iris & Lady More looks (and smells) divine. Also how could you refuse the sound of them? The other two are Peony & Moss and White Lilac & Rhubarb.

The Plum Blossom launches in May, we’ve been privy to a pre-sniff and it really is good, a gentle warm floral that would make a good ‘summer of 2012’ smell.

London Blooms colognes are £72 for 100ml (you might need to visit a store as the online ones are currently sold out) Plum Blossom will be £36 30ml/£72 for 100ml when it launches in May.


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  • Amanda says:

    Oh no really? I did check with the PR on Thursday who assured me the stores were still full. How annoying, anyone have any left in their local JM store? A

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