Jewellery lust: Bill Skinner

The jeweller Bill Skinner has spent a lifetime making jewels for other designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Butler & Wilson and this summer launched his first own-label collection of sculptural designs. Jewellery is very personal and it’s hard to pick stuff that other people might like but I really LOVE these rose gold plated horses, which were inspired by Edward Muybridge’s galloping ones (see the video below). At £95, it’s a real statement piece that adds a lot of drama…I feel Diane Vreeland would have approved.

There’s also a necklace at £135, both designs come in rose and normal gold. I’m also taken with the enamelled Poison Ring, with it’s dainty ladybird scrambling across the painted flowers, it has a secret compartment (historically for poison, Borgia-style) that can hold any number of small things or a scented scrap of linen. Quite reasonably priced at £60 for the big ring, £35 for the smaller bamboo floral number. Is it too early to start a Christmas list?


The bracelets with their thundering-hooved horses are beautifully detailed and amazing quality for the price.

Love the necklace too, would you wear them together? Too much galloping perhaps?

inspiration, Edward Muybridge

The large Poison Ring, left has a secret compartment that lifts up so you can hide small stuff. Check out the rest of Bill’s designs on his website.

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