Olafur Eliasson’s Sun Torch

We’re a bit in love with Olafur Eliasson because he does such amazing and colourful art projects around the world that are both upliftingly, cheerfully colourful and extremely clever at the same time.

At Tate Modern currently is his Little Sun project, which aims to provide countries and societies that have limited electricity with cheap off-grid lighting via a rather cute solar powered sunflower torch. You can book to go to one of the special blackout lectures running, or you can just buy the torch. Every torch sold at £16.50 helps provide one a fraction of the price to a needy community, a new and more charitable way of looking at ‘buy one get one free’.

The torch gives strong light for four hours, will last for three years, is as cute as a button and would make an excellent present for a festival attending teen (you can wear it around your neck) or stylish camper. Find them here 

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