Two things to buy from Topshop (whenever they arrive)

topshopOccasionally, when I’m flipping through magazines or browsing blogs for inspiration, I get the clothes equivalent of ‘love at first sight’. My heart pounds, I feel my blood racing at flight speed through my veins and I come over all swoony, it’s like a menopausal hot flush with added emotion.

So it was with this gorgeous spring outfit from Topshop. I love the intense-and-dense floral embroidery on the sweat shirt, which is neither cropped nor too body con and looks long enough to cover the waistline decently. I adore the silver satin bias skirt -I so want this to be made from silk – that looks both easy and special at the same time.  I’m always surprised at how bias skirts fit even the curviest of figures, and are so comfortable. And I love that it’s matched with trainers (EVERYTHING is matched with trainers this season) allowing you to instantly adjust your mindset to think of this whole outfit as everyday-special.

It may just be me reading too much into it, but doesn’t this look quite ‘grown-up-styling’, too? It would look terrific on the lovely Daphne Selfe or Jean from Fabulous Fashionistas (now a regular in the Guardian’s Saturday mag), wouldn’t it be lovely to think that brands were starting to think about women over 25? Even Topshop….Lordy.

And then there’s the wall behind, in the best shade of strawberry smoothie pink I’ve seen and one I need as the backdrop to my spring.

Despite furtive attempts, I can’t see any of these pieces yet on the Topshop website and of course I haven’t actually done the touchy-feely test (technical fashion term for quality control) on either the top or the skirt, so the quality might not be up to much, but I’m hoping, I’m sooo hoping.


  • sarah says:

    Looks fab. Do you know where the trainers are from? Having trouble navigating the Topshop website, does it have a age-repel setting?

  • steffi says:

    I seem to remember matching EVERYTHING with trainers also back in my fashion heyday at Katharine Hamnett (late 80’s and 90’s). I loved it. Not sure if I can pull it off with as much nonchalance now though (was in my twenties am now well WELL into my forties) but will give it a darn good try as I loved it! X

  • Claire says:

    It really annoys me when you see things in the press/magazines and then can’t find them in the shops or website. I have a suspicion that the skirt material might be quite cheap though. Love the sweatshirt.

  • amanda says:

    Sarah I’m still snorting with laughter over your ‘age repel’ button, Steffi I have a feeling you could def pull off this look and Claire, I’m trying to find out from Topshop when all the peices -the sneakers are also Topshop- come out, A

  • Tiffany says:

    That skirt length is a bit scary to me – if you’re built like a model it might work, but for short people like myself I think it would be disastrous. I keep seeing great looks with sneakers – but then I’ve also recently seen a few women my age (that would be late 40s) wearing the whole fashionable ‘sportif’ thing with relaxed pants, sweatshirt and sneakers, and I’m afraid the look veers towards old-fashioned frump rather than sporty chic.

  • Belinda says:

    Have you seen the really beautiful cropped folk tile jacket TopShop has in stores now? It’s £58 and is a beautiful, thick cotton jacket in a flattering cut with a great black and cream pattern. I tried it on (see here: and think it would work on almost anyone.

  • Sue Evans says:

    Keep up, that sweat top was in store in February ! Sadly not in Large though so a non-buy for me ……

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