We love: Sara Cwynar’s still life photos

I stumbled upon these gorgeous images by Canadian photographer Sara Cwynar while researching product merchandising. I was looking into how Pinterest might change the way we look at stuff we buy in shops and how we all might prefer ‘discovery shopping’, products placed in unusual ways linked by Pinterest board-type themes like ‘colour’ or ‘stuff I like’ or ‘dream home purchases’ rather than everything being put out in the way we’re currently used to. These images kinda sum up what I was thinking about, stuff merchandised by colour because it looks gorgeous, putting unexpected things together in a way that looks wonderful and would make things look engagingly ‘different’ in store. They remind me a little of the lovely Sarah Bagner from SuperMarket Sarah, (who was WELL ahead of Pinterest)

I don’t expect all shops to start merchandising by colour (although this one did for a bit and Selfridges has the Yellow Shop) but I do expect a bit more excitement in merchandise presentation coming soon…

Sadly the Sara Cwynar exhibition these images are taken from Accidental Archives, an exhibition that’s just finished at the Cooper Cole gallery (and it was in Toronto, do we have any readers there who went?) so you’ll just have to enjoy them here. Aren’t they pretty?

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