Perfume review: Paper Passion by Wallpaper and Steidl

Middleagedad gave me this as a present this week, he thought it was a natural fit with me, being a perfume about paper, sold in a book. It’s a collaborative effort between Karl Lagerfeld (does that man ever sleep?) the perfumer Geza Schoen, bookmaker Gerhard Steidl and Wallpaper magazine. It seems they are all nuts about new books, quality paper and perfume.

It is an ingenious packaging concept, although quite how it’s going to work in my collection of scrappy perfume bottles crammed at the back of a drawer ‘perfume wardrobe’ I don’t know. It smells very much like the Comme des Garçons  we wrote about recently; metallic, glue-like and slightly of new books and paper. I think I prefer this one to the Comme one as it is gentler on the initial hit. I also think it’s a boy smell rather than a girl’s one, as it is entirely lacking in floral notes, it’s very urban-ish and almost reminds me of the smell of a hot tar-y road, but that makes it sound odd and it’s not, it’s actually very pleasing.

Can be purchased here, for £68.

Inside the book packaging


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