We love: My Friend Maia

My friend Maia from julia warr on Vimeo.

We are indebted to TWR reader Lindsey, who sent us the link to this lovely short film, shot by Julia Warr about her friend, the ex Russian ballet dancer Maia and her simple, healthy lifestyle over in Fire Island, New York. Maia was 95 when the film was made and keeps in shape with a bit of yoga and an unfussy outlook on life.

This film reminds us as we get older, that age isn’t a ‘theme’, despite what some magazines might like to think. The wonderful Penny Martin said something similar recently about why she doesn’t categorize age in her magazine, The Gentlewoman (new issue just released, a cracking read as always) because age isn’t a monthly theme or a yearly issue subject, it’s life. Women continue to be interesting and do incredible work well into our eighth and ninth decade, of course we do!  If anything we become MORE interesting as we get older and our views shape with experience, as The Gentlewoman’s interview with Angela Lansbury, still working at 86, shows.

But one thing we might need to remember is to keep healthy, exercise a little and keep things simple. Over to you Maia.


  • Jane says:

    Beautiful and inspirational.

  • mary says:

    putting on my yoga pants now!

  • notsurebut says:

    Oh dear time to get out from under the duvet, what an amazingly fit woman, thats dedication for you!
    I have to say I have become a little concerned that the media interest in “older” women is becoming this seasons fad with increasingly nuttier portrayals of us which couldn’t be less flattering, the attention is rather nice but the creation of a new stereotype most certainly is not.

  • jane says:

    *weeping* that is so lovely and inspirational – Jx

  • Amanda says:

    who’s coming with me to live on Fire Island then? ‘gets coat and passport’ A

  • Nicola says:

    I agree, beautiful and inspirational. And what a beautiful face Maia has. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the increase of botox and cosmetic surgery eventually made such lovely aged faces rare?

  • jane says:

    Too true, Nicola, such a beautiful face!

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