Gadgets for teeth from Philips

OK, so a post about dental care doesn’t sound like the most fun we’ve ever had together, but stick with me on this one, it is really quite interesting. Anyone who has tried to teach reluctant children how to clean their teeth regularly and properly will understand the need to put a bit of FUN in the process. Even I find flossing a bore and I know how much the dentist costs if you need a filling.

Also teeth seem to be the new ageing-indicator, there’s pressure coming at us from all sides to have sparkle-y white youthful teeth well into our dotage, even though tooth enamel naturally fades with age. Brightening toothpaste is one thing, but bleaching is just another ‘hair dye’ moment for me, and I can only cope with so much maintenance. Electric tooth brushes do a better job of keeping things very clean and most now push the ‘brightening’ effect as a bonus, I’m not sure about that but my teeth certainly feel much cleaner using electric over manual.

Philips does good electric toothbrushes, every hygienist you speak to recommends them, but up until now they have been eye-wateringly expensive. However, the brand has just launched a good value electric tooth brush that does (nearly) all the things a much more expensive one does….the Philips HX3110 Sonic Power Up. It is priced at £49.99, which in itself is a lot cheaper than the more fancy electric toothbrushes Philips produces, but currently it’s on special offer at Boots for half that here. I’ve no idea why it’s so cheap at Boots, as it has only just been released. This seems a very good deal indeed.

And secondly, to flossing. Where things are still a bit pricey but this is SO much more fun than a bit of waxed string. The Philips Sonic Airfloss, also on special offer at Boots currently (should be £99 but currently £74.99) shoots blasts of air and water between your teeth to remove all those unpleasant bits your tooth brush can’t get to, even if it’s an expensive one.

I am useless at flossing, I find it deadly dull and my children look on it as something mildly absurd, but this machine is a hoot, as the water comes out at quite a rate and if you don’t have it wedged into your teeth can make a right mess of the bathroom mirror, but once you get the hang of it your teeth feel very spruced up at the end and it’s quite entertaining. The press release explains that it is very effective at removing plaque and I don’t doubt it, It feels more effective that flossing string. I appreciate it’s a ridiculous price but I promise you your children will be fighting over it.

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