Christmas nails by OPI

As you know we love a bit of a nail trend here at TWR. There is really is no easier way to jazz up (nan phrase) an outfit and make you feel instantly groomed.

OPI are one of our favourite brands, not least because their nail varnish actually stays on for more than a couple of hours. They have recently launched an new range of colours in partnership with Mariah Carey – why her, we can only imagine, as she is the least unlikely style icon – for any age – but if you ignore that, the colours are actually quite nice.

Based around shades of purple, they are just right to go with the lilacs, bronzes and shades of claret we are seeing in clothing.

Christmas is all about “texture” according to OPI and the four new “liquid sand” varnishes manage to incorporate a matt base with a glitter texture. It feels a little like wearing a light weight, glittery concrete – but it a good way. My favourite shades are Stay the Night and Can’t Let Go.

But please, have a word OPI – what totally tragic names – haven’t you seen GIRLS?

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