Perfume Review: Peony & Blush Suede

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Jo Malone has a new perfume out in September, Peony & Blush Suede and last week we went along to the launch, to be WOWed by the floral installations by East London based floral artist Rebecca Louise Law. Using 10,000 fresh peonies (shipped in from Norway) and 5,000 silk ones, Rebecca created an amazing display of suspended peony strings that made you feel it was raining flowers.

The peony fragrance is inspired by the grown-up glamour of the 40s and the aristocratic elegance of Downton Abby, so Rebecca placed three vintage couture dresses within the displays as well as  red apples and English Stocks within the floor based flowers to represent their place within the fragrance. Twists of petal-pink suede were wrapped around the staircase up to the presentation to get you thinking about the fragrance ingredients and the whole room was washed in a soft pink light, just incase you hadn’t got the pink message. Think tasteful floral mash-up dream sequence  imagined by Barbara Cartland and choreographed by Downton’s Lady Mary.

jo malone 02

It was the sort of display that you just can’t do at home, although I’m swapping all my home light bulbs to pink and I’m seriously considering pink moire taffetta curtains…


Love the addition of those red apples to tough up the display a bit…

jo malone 05

The launch imagery is beautiful too.

What about the perfume….hmmm well Jane and I weren’t really sold on it, peony is such a delicate fragrance in real life I think  it must be hard to recreate in perfume form .But go try it for yourselves and see, frankly we’ll take any excuse to visit a Jo Malone counter . Out September 1st.


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