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Well the #bootsmakeithappen twitter party was fun. Did you follow it? I learnt a large amount about keeping healthy and AT LAST found out what almond milk is (chopped almonds soaked in water, then drained. Don’t buy the processed stuff- very little almond in it). It kick started me into making my diet a bit healthier and reinforced how important my current fitness campaign is to me. As you move out of your younger years -when any health issue is a bit of a bore and to be bounced back from as quickly as possible- you realise that good health and being reasonably fit is definitely a good thing.

But even if you goal is to be better at just applying hand cream every morning to be nicer to your hard working hands, sometimes it’s good to have a little help and motivation.I learnt a lot from the twitter party and I’ve set up a #bootsmakeithappen Pinterest board to keep me motivated and on track, you are very welcome to take a look. Remember to check out the Boots website to kick start your own health and fitness regime, it’s teamed up with Mumsnet for some motivating forums too, perhaps get a few ideas on how to set your own goals for a summer regime. I’m wondering if getting a dog might help the whole family get just that tiny bit healthier, what with all those long walks…that’s my excuse for all the cute dog pictures anyway….enjoy!

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