Philip Kingsley Hair Dietary Supplements

philip kinglsey
I started to take these dietary supplements from Philip Kingsley around Christmas time because I was a bit concerned my hair was thinning with age. Around April time, people began saying things like  ‘have you changed your hair colour?” or ‘You’ve got a fringe!’ (i’ve had a fringe for three years). My hair felt thicker and people started saying nice things about it. I think the pills work.

Just to be certain, I asked Anabel Kingsley to explain a little about them…

How do the supplements work?
“They contain essential amino acids that make up protein – and hair is protein. In fact, a common cause of excessive hair shedding we see in our clinics is a lack of dietary protein. PK4Hair is quickly absorbed for helping optimum hair follicle function – and best results are seen after taking it for a minimum of 3 months due to the hair growth cycle.”

Can you take them indefinitely or just occasionally?
Yes it’s fine to take PK4Hair indefinitely, but it’s important to include them as part of a nutritious diet containing adequate amounts of protein. Your hair is composed of protein – they are your hairs’ building blocks!

Are they ok to take with other medication?
Yes – you can take PK4Hair with other medications. They are also suitable for vegetarians.

If you have a few issues with thinning hair or yours is in poor condition, consider these.


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