You heard it here first: Jesus sandals are back

Jesus sandals
We like to think we are ahead of the game fashion wise, here at The Womens Room. After all we are trends forecasters, therefore at the cutting edge of all things new. Aren’t we?

Remember we told you about clogs way back in Jan 2009, and you probably thought we had gone completely mad? Now you can’t move for big ugly wooden sandals, they are everywhere! If like us you bought your Swedish Hasbeens back when we told you too, you will be laughing all the way to a broken ankle, because they are now twice the price they were then.

So this summer if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need look no further than your local comprehensive. Head straight for the Humanities Department and check out the History teacher, as guess what. Jesus sandals are back!

We first spotted them in one of our favourite shops Margaret Howell, but were a little put off (make that a lot!) by the price. Gorgeous as they are, £305 to look like a member of the Southwold Bird Watching Society is little too much, even in our book. Sorry Margaret, we love you and your anorak tendencies, but we are not paying that for a crepe sole!

We were delighted to find an alternative by another of our favourite nerdy brands Clarks Originals (thanks Claire). Technically Clarks Originals are cool, but that was pretty hard to explain to teen daughter when she first set eyes on our new favourite trend! ‘But why would you want to wear them, why would you even think they were in any way nice’?

Hard to explain, but they just are. You are either going to love em or hate em, but trust me they are like walking on air, and personally I have always aspired to be a ‘woman in a comfortable shoe’!

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