We love: Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine

Did you all watch the Woody Allen two part documentary on last week? (part one, part two.. sorry, iPlayer only works in the UK) I grew up absolutely adoring Woody Allen and for years I wanted to be Diane Keaton in order to be Ralph Lauren wearing Annie Hall or Mary Wilkie in Manhattan. Manhattan Murder Mysteries remains my favourite film although I’ll watch anything he’s either in or written. For me, Woody and Nora (Ephron) are my favourite clever-funny writers and I really think maybe I should have been born in New York.

Woody’s newest film is Blue Jasmine and features a Chanel wearing, Birkin carrying Cate Blanchett, who plays a wife whose husband turns out to have headed up a Ponzi scheme. The film charts how she flees to stay with her less wealthy sister in San Francisco,  as her gilded world falls apart. On the trailer, I love how Kate is never seen without a vodka bottle or wine glass clasped tn her hand, don’t we all have days like that?

Heaven knows when it’ll be out in the UK but if you are in New York or Los Angeles, it opens today, 2nd August.

blue jasmine woody allen kate blanchett

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  • Amanda says:

    Have now seen it Lee, it’s so very, very good I might go see it again…..Cate Blanchett is amazing as too is Sally Hawkins. A

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