Love Nina, Despatches from Family Life by Nina Stibbe

love nina despatches from family life

This book is a fabulous antidote if you are having a miserable January, I’ve absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. It’s an easy read too, in a lovely open and fresh style that is both funny and touching.

The author, Nina Stibbe, was a nanny in North London during the 80s to two boys, sons of Stephan Frears and Mary-Kay Wilmers (co founder of the London Review of Books). She lived with Mary-Kay and the boys in the heart of literary North London – Alan Bennet was always popping round for tea -and tells daily tales of family life through letters home to her sister Victoria. Nothing much happens, it’s just tales of cooking rubbish turkey burgers and trips out joshing with the boys, but sometimes it’s the small stories that resonate the best, particularly when they’re told with such humour. it’s OF COURSE a bit more interesting because she name drops quite a few well known names in the arty world, who all seemed to live close by.

Definitely a cheering read. Buy here Love, Nina: Despatches from Family Life

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