Bjork & Berries, Swedish exo luxury for the skin

bjork and berries

Here’s a heads up on a lovely, newish product from another cool Skandi brand. Bjork and Berries is an eco lux range of beauty products from Ebba Lugani, which  launched in 2012, it takes a very serious view on using only natural and where possible, organic ingredients that are not tested on animals and are made entirely in Sweden. ingredients such as birch bark -used throughout Swedish folk lore for its healing properties -feature highly.

What will make you want to go back for more is the delicate, clean-but-fragrant perfume in all the products that is neither floral nor fruity, but somewhere in between, with that necessary touch of underplayed Swedish style.

I absolutely love the White Forest body oil, but there’s a new, slightly melancholic fragrance just being launched called Never Spring that is also fabulous. The roll on fragrance might suit the type of person who doesn’t like perfume but loves the idea of smelling freshly clean or of walks in the open air. I know it sounds fanciful, but really, it’s very addictive.

There is no UK stockist of yet, but I feel sure it wont be long. Meanwhile stay ahead of the trend and buy from the brand website here.


bjork and berries 01

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