Perfume review: Jack by Richard E Grant

jack fragrance from richard e grant

Well, this is a turn up for the books, a ‘sleb fragrance that smells good. Actually not just good, really rather wonderful.

Jack by Richard E Grant is the culmination of Mr Grant’s life-long love of fragrance (yes I know they all say that…) and rather than do the usual and join up with a fragrance giant to cash in his sleb status with a mediocre cheap potion that sells in TK Maxx within the year (NOTHING wrong with TK Maxx btw, as you know we love it, but you get my drift) Mr Grant has gone for a quality number he can be proud of. I pre ordered my bottle earlier in the year, as I had it on good authority this was going to be an interesting launch.

Since he writes beautifully too, I’m going to direct you to Mr Grant’s blog, in which he details his adventures olfactory and describes the kindness of fragrance guru Roja Dove in the adventure and the development of Jack with the reputable IFF (International Fragrance and Flavours). Anyone who thinks making their own fragrance looks a neat idea should read Richard’s monthly exploits since he started, and take note.

So what of the fragrance? Well it is a gender blender. I tested it yesterday on three males and me. We all really took to its initial citrus floral tang. There’s been a lot made of the marijuana note…I think it’s very slight. If you inhale really hard there’s a wisp of Notting Hill Carnival in full flow, but really it just provides a welcome earthy hint, grounding the thing nicely.

There’s a spicy/peppery dry down and although there are no florals listed, it has a vaguely warm sweet-tropical richness that is distinctly floral…youngest son said it reminded him of the Caribbean. Same son also looked nervous about the druggy content, ‘what happens at customs?’ he enquired, not unreasonably. Who knows.

Whatever. This is a glorious first fragrance from Mr Grant, I’m wearing a Pig-Pen like fug of it as I type as I can’t get enough of it. I also suspect it’ll be nicked out of my perfume wardrobe by any one of my sons before long so I’m making the most of it.

Buy here at £95 or at Liberty, which has it exclusively for a bit. Nice boy-friendly packaging too.


jack fragrance packaging, from richard e grant

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  • steffi says:

    A MUST for all boys Jack! I so love his writing too, Amanda, it’s so descriptive and cannot wait to sample the fragrance – have been following with anticipation all the excitement up to the launch and am now keen to get it for my gorgeous soon to be sixteen year old teen, a very cool birthday gift I feel! X

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