Weekend Woman: Chrissie Hynde


We don’t normally blog at the weekend but I feel the need for a new visual post here on TWR to recognise some truly awesome older women doing great things.

It’s hard enough to be a working women in this world, but it is particularly nerve-wracking being an older working woman, as there is much discrimination against us, particularly if you are made redundant or find yourself looking for a new job in your 50s and above. Quite why people think women who have been talented all their lives should suddenly stop when they reach mid life is beyond us, but it happens and we need to put a stop to it.

Our first weekend woman is Chrissie Hynde, (born in 1952) who’s new album Stockholm is out this week.

Do you have any suggestions for amazing older women who are achieving great things? Feel free to nominate them and we’ll make them our Weekend Woman in the future.


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  • Jo says:

    Brilliant idea! How about Ally Capellino? Running a thriving business, with many items being manufactured as well as designed in London/UK. Interesting collaborations with big and small companies. I am obsessed with her bags, they are the antithesis of flashy it bags; sleek, not immediately identifiable (unless you are an AC bag stalker like me) and very user friendly. I already own three of her bags, and am very hopeful the upcoming sale season will allow me to buy another!

  • Amanda says:

    Ally is a great idea Jo, thanks for the suggestion. And both J and I are definitely AC bag Stalkers! Ax

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