See this: Bright Days Ahead

There is something liberating about growing older and shedding some of the responsibilities that have dominated our day to day lives for the last couple of decades. Who knows what exciting adventures lie ahead, both at work and in our relationships.

Children leaving home can often highlight cracks in long term relationships that we may have been too busy/tired/reluctant to deal with over the years and increasingly this can lead to marriage breakdowns. According to statistics the number of people over 50 initiating divorce proceedings has doubled over the past 20 years, with experts saying the trend is being driven by women.

Bright Days Ahead is French film which explores the new sense of freedom and opportunity recent retiree Caroline feels when she decides to try out some new hobbies and falls for the computer teacher at her local seniors’ club. Julien is a carefree ladies man in his thirties and Caroline finds herself in the midst of a second youth and passionate affair, despite the fact that she’s married.

A romantic comedy, which takes a lighthearted look at a serious subject, Bright Days Ahead is on the 20th of June, and is definitely one to see with your girlfriends and lots of wine.



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