See this: The Rebel Menopause

85 year old Therese Clerc thinks “Menopause is when a woman’s life begins,” and reveals her thoughts on ageing as a ‘time of complete freedom’ in the new film Rebel Menopause.

Therese is a militant feminist whose passion for politics and women’s rights has driven her life. The Baba Yaga House, an innovative co-housing project for women over 65, is the latest of her many projects to empower women.

Rebel Menopause is the intimate portrait of an extraordinary woman and her inspiring ideas on growing older and is showing at film festivals throughout the summer.

There will also be a screening on Friday 5th July at6:30 pm
New Academic Building, Goldsmiths College
New Cross
SE14 6NW

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  • Osnat says:

    Looks very interesting is it going to be shown in North America?
    I agree that life does start at Menopause when a woman is able channel her creativity away from the physical constraints of periods, pregnancies and child rearing…it’s liberating!

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