Weekend Woman: Julia Forte from the London Gin Club

julia the london gin club It’s World Gin Day today, hurrah! So we thought we’d put Julia Forte (born1965), founder of the London Gin Club up as one of our weekend women.

Julia runs her delightful gin club from the Star At Night, a bar in London’s Soho that’s been in her family for the last 80 years. Originally a specialist in Italian polished plaster work, Julia took over the Star at Night 11 years ago, after having worked for a bit in the hospitality business.

Julia told us “Working in that industry somewhat prepared me for the bar industry, in that it can be a little male domintated and being a woman in both has been challenging, a little frustrating but very satisfying and rewarding. I think women in these so called ‘male dominated ‘industries have to do so much more to be considered equal or respected in the same way.”

We hear you on that,  Julia. And is there anything else she fancies trying? “If I was to do something else it would be painting. I have a leaning towards anatomical art, bones, skeletons and skulls”.

As it’s World Gin Day, the London Gin Club is offering a fantastic gin tasting menu, featuring four superb gins from around the world. Book here.

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