Three late summer buys from: Gap

gapYes Gap, again. But I couldn’t resist telling you about these lovely leopard print, pony-skin finish slip-on sneakers which are £39.95. Now the fashion forward of you will have already bought a pair of leopard print sneakers (Jane) but not everyone will have got a pair on the first wave (me) and these seem a great price for the perfect late summer casual shoe.

Fot those of you who don’t fancy leopard print (it also comes in a  trippy blue/black version) then seriously consider the plain black pony skin version. I’m now kicking myself for not buying both, the black ones would be really useful although they don’t seem to be on the website (I was in the Oxford Street store) , but the leopard print ones are. They come up a wee bit small, I am a 38 but have bought 39s, so  keep that in mind when buying on line.

gap 01While I was shopping researching product in Gap, I also noticed these cute blue camo print skimmer-khakis at £34.95 which looked a do-able way to wear camo print and would work really well as a printed alternative to indigo jeans, although these are slim fit, which not everyone will want. Much more user-friendly was this useful looking navy shirt camp dress at £39.95, in soft viscose rayon, which would work as a long top (perhaps belted) or as a late summer dress, it had nice details like tiny buttons on the slim cuffs and pockets. Things are definitely looking up in Gap, it seems to have rediscovered itself and gone back to doing casual basics well. More of this please.

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