Something for departing student teens: was chatting to my sister about the impending departure of youngestson to university and she reminded me about how her student son was super grateful for his weekly box of nibbles during his first year away from home. She felt it was a healthy-ish way of reaching out once a week to him to give him a foody hug and to remind him she was still thinking of him. He was just thrilled to get a delicious box of food he didn’t have to pay for, turning up without fail every week.

I’m going to set up one for youngestson when he goes in a couple of weeks. He’s an excellent cook, so I’m not worried about him coping with making his own meals, but I am worried that when he realises he’ll have to buy ingredients from his small budget and that it might eat into beer money, he’ll drink rather than eat. This box might keep him above the malnutrition line. That, and I’ll know that once a week, he might think of me (sobs quietly into hanky). do an assortment of weekly box deliveries, you get to mix your own selection too, and boxes start from £3.99.


  • Linda McLean says:

    What a great idea Amanda, I will remember that as my son is just beginning his A-Level year so I’ll be where you are next year!
    By the way I saw Carmen Dell’Orefice at the V&A on Wednesday and she looked absolutely stunning but my goodness is she thin!

  • Monix says:

    Can I join the queue to be an “Amanda Adoptee” ( and mine to be heavy on the nuts please…)?
    Yes Linda, I’ve noticed this too, that all the older ” role models” are stick thin – did they miss the menopause memo?

  • Linda McLean says:

    Ha ha Monix, I have to say apres childbirth mine went on let alone the menopause!! I guess its all the naturally skinny ones that are left modelling at the later stages.

  • Kristin says:

    Thank you for this amazing idea. My oldest will think I’m a rock star!

  • amanda says:

    Glad it was a help! I’m happy to adopt you Mon and yes, it appears most older models are pencil thin, but then most models are, I guess once we have many more of them in the press, then we can start asking for them to be fattened up a bit, menopause style. A

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