The Vodka Zinger


So, this is rather fab, despite its daft name. I have been trialling this gadget to improve my cocktails and I can vouch for its effectiveness. The zinger consists of a perspex bottom section of slicing blades, which allows you to infuse your alcohol of choice (mine is always gin, you may not be surprised to hear) with fruits of the season, herbs or anything else that takes your fancy. I am sipping a raspberry negroni as I type this, having soaked fresh raspberries in gin for 24 hrs in my zinger. It’s delicious.

Last night I tried lemon verbena leaves soaked for a while with gin and it made an equally delicious G&T. As Christmas approaches this might be rather an impressive gadget to elevate your drinks portfolio. You can also use it for flavouring your salad dressings. Nifty.

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