Skyn Iceland at Marks & Spencer

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Fessing up, I’ve had this pack of Hydra Cool Firming Eye gels in my ‘to try’ drawer for over a year. I got them at an M&S beauty press day, when I met the brand founder Sarah Kugelman, who -possibly seeing my own eyes could do with a bit of help- urged me to try them.

But I’ve got a weird relationship with eye products, I see them as a bit of a con by the beauty industry to sell us ‘area specific’ stuff when we really don’t need it.

Anyway, move on a year and I’m looking at an instagram image of Kanye West, pre a sleb-gig somewhere and he’s got these eye-pads stuck to the under-bits of his eye (the ‘bags’ area) and i remember the Skyn ones. Last week was a knackering one and I’ve been out a lot, so the skin around my eyes was looking a bit dark and dingy. Perfect time to try these cooling eye pads then. And, amazingly, they work! I popped them on, sat down and listened to The Archers and after 10 mins or so, I had less dingy skin and slightly more sparkly eyes.

With the Christmas part period not far away, and for the generally stressed out, these are worth a go.

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