Perfume review: The White Line by Odin


Oh my, the White Line is a lovely new addition to the New York based Odin fragrance collection.

Lets talk about the way the perfumes smell first….the White Line is a fresher, more floral and a little more feminine than the gorgeous Black Line, although i use the word feminine lightly, as these are boy as well as girl smells. Where Odin Black Line is firmly rooted in urban New York, the White Line is a little more modern country, a little more Catskills/The Hamptons/Kinfolk magazine, if American readers can excuse my terrible generalisations. it’s about exploring the floral ‘from top to bottom, stems and all’ according to the brand founders.

There are three fragrances: Efflora, a sparkling bright citrus with a lovely orange florally overtone. Milieu Rose a simply gorgeous modern rose that smells like you are walking in a rose garden, it’s clear and richly rosy, but as far away from the old-style powdery trad-rose smells as you can get. And then my favourite, Vert Reseda, a herby green fragrance that smells like a walk through a tomato and geranium filled greenhouse, although in fact there are hints of jasmine and peony in the make up.

Altogether a beautifully crafted and very modern fragrance range that I urge you to go sniff.

And then there’s the boxes….

Odin has worked with the paper artist Matthew Shiian to create three beautiful mini paper sculptures, engineered to add a little bit of textural artwork the front of the boxes. The laser cut, multi layered designs are almost worth buying the fragrance for and cleverly, Odin has designed the necessary surface labelling as peel-off-able so you can save the boxes in their natural state forever. If ever there was a fragrance to give to a graphic artist or even architect, this is it.

Available from Liberty


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