Olio Lusso luxury face oil, by Rodin


When I was in New York recently I picked up some of our girl-crush Linda Rodin’s much talked about face oil, as I’d been keen to try it. Beauty industry insiders have been telling me it is excellent at enriching and hydrating your skin.

And yes, we love her so we might be biased, but really it didn’t disappoint. It smells heavenly, a bit rosy-chamomile-ish and warmly rich, you can feel your skin just soaking up the blend of eleven essential oils used in its make up. I liked how on the list of ingredients printed on the box, I recognised most of them (things like apricot kernel oil, orange flower oil, evening primrose oil and so on). So I slathered it on, but it’s very rich and quite expensive (£105 from Liberty) so you really need to go easy with it.

We’ve recently made friends with Ms Rodin via a TWR reader (thanks Whitney) and so I thought I’d go direct to the source and ask Linda via email the best way to use the oil. Here’s what she said…

Amanda, I cleanse my face at night (my cleanser to be out 2015). Then rinse with warm water. Then pat my face a bit. Not too dry. Then add a few drops of face oil all over. Avoid eyes.

In the a.m,  I rinse my face in warm water, pat with towel and add 2-3 drops of face oil again. That’s it! Easy. I use the oil twice a day. Cleanser only at night.”

So there you have it, a few drops on damp-ish skin should do you fine. I really love using it, particularly the way it smells and how it makes my skin feel. If you like it, there’s a body oil, hand & body cream and a cute lip balm to consider too. And a cleanser coming -I wonder if that’s an exclusive scoop? Although what I really want is a Rodin perfume that smells like the face oil, delicious…Is it too late to add another bottle or two to the Christmas list?

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