Pepto-Bismal pink lipstick – would you?

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I’m developing something of an obsession with older women in the fashion and beauty industry. First I got a real girl crush on Catherine Walsh, who is SVP at beauty behemoth Coty and looks just fabulous in every picture I see of her.  Now I’ve discovered Linda Rodin, a well known stylist for US Harpers Bazaar (and sometime model, we featured her here) who owns Rodin, her own recipe brand of beauty oil and creams. Both wear bold lipsticks, and Linda is often seen in this season’s new Pepto -Bismol pink.

By coincidence, our friends at YvesSaintLaurent Beauty sent us a sample of the new Rouge Volupte lipstick in Number 31, Fuchsia Tournillon, very definitely in the Pepto-Bismol-bright magenta colour sphere, so I have been practising what this looks like, safe in the secrecy of my bathroom. There is also a new Gloss Volupte in Fuchsia Oran if you’re more a gloss-girl.

I am a recent convert to red lipstick, I wish I’d learned earlier in life how easy it is as a quick-fix for a properly made up look, a bit of foundation and a lick of red and you’re away (remembering to put your lippy in your bag for regular top ups). Perfect for a lazy beauty fan like me. This new pink is the same…you don’t need to do too much else to your face because it’s so bold, so it’s another swipe-and-go number. I really like it as a colour.

It’s surprisingly suitable for fair skin too and looks AWESOME on black skin. It’s also great with grey or white hair. I’m a firm believer that older women carry off bold lip colours better than the young because we look properly grown up wearing them, while the young look as if they are playing dress-up. And you’ve got to admit, Linda looks pretty good in it.

linda rodin 02She recently told Bazaar in the US ” I’m not a big make up fan but I wear pink lipstick because it looks wonderful with my hair colour, I’ve been grey since I was 35″.  Various different articles claim she wears different brands, the recent WSJ article which caught my eye claims it’s  By Terry Rouge Terrybly Lipstick in Pink Party.

What do you think, would you move to magenta?

On to the face oil part….US based Ms Rodin also produces highly regarded face oil range Olio Lusso, having spent years trying to find something really beautiful for her own skin. It’s hard to come by in the UK (unless you have lots of cash) but this week I am in San Francisco and I’m going to snuffle it out and try it. Be back about it ASAP.



  • Tiffany says:

    I’m waiting for my grey to grow out properly – maybe I’ll give it a go then :) I’m not sure I have the confidence for such a bold look, but I do think that grey hair does cry out for lipstick …

  • Monix says:

    Have such a girl crush on Ms Rodin (and her silver poodle) and she can do no wrong. I do note that that bright lipstick on older women look best when it has a slight gloss and not that flat matt (which I love) that settles around the fine lines around the mouth.

  • Sue says:

    She looks fantastic.Love the grey hair and lipstick.Lipstick is pretty much the only makeup I wear – Chanel Rouge Allure or Lipstick Queen in matt do the best proper colours, I find.

  • sarah says:

    I, too, wish I had discovered the impact of lipstick only earlier in my makeup life.
    Red is too grande dame for me but strong bluey pink is good with my pale skin and silver hair and adds instant glam. Dior Rouge Baiser and Bobbi Lilac.

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