Weekend Woman: Joni Mitchell


Blimey, what a week for grown ups in the press, indeed, what a start to the year! First Joan Didion, then Bright Old Things at Selfridges, and now news of Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent.

I absolutely ADORE Joni, always have and regularly defend my love against dismissive ‘out of date’ criticisms from my nearest and dearest. My life would be complete if she ever toured again and I could go see her. It would be another’ Kate Bush moment’ and I’m pretty sure there are plenty of TWR readers out there who feel the same.

Her storytelling song writing has ben inspiring my life right since ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’, the first album of hers that I bought. I spent hours in my teenage bedroom, staring and my Laura Ashley (brown) wallpaper trying to understand the lyrics. Who was Edith? What was a ‘Kingpin’? And why exactly did Californian lawns hiss? Her subtle highlighting of the less fabulous side of being a woman made enlightening and intelligent listening and her gorgeous melodies just hit the spot for me.

Although she now calls herself an artist who writes songs and doesn’t really write or perform that much these days, she’s clearly not fading away, as Hedi Slimane has just shot her for the Saint Laurent campaign for SS15 as part of the Saint Laurent Music Project. She’s wearing a Saint Laurent embroidered folk top in the image and I know this is shallow, but i can see myself wandering into Saint Laurent just to check it out. Go Joni!


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  • Mary says:

    Yes love both her and Kate! Love how she gets referenced in Love Actually by the Emma Thompson character . Great photos!

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