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I don’t know about you, but the medias obsession with salads, green juice and new work out regimes accompanied by the smug hash tag #cleanliving is getting right on my nerves and if I have to read another detox diet feature (I’m looking at you Sunday Times Style section) I think I’ll choke on my kale crisps.

True, we all feel like trying to be a bit healthier etc after the excesses of the holidays but as I have said before (many times) January is cold and often quite dreary, so while I am loving my new Nutribullet (it seems like everyone I know got one for Christmas) and am trying to drink less alcohol and eat more healthily, I’m also taking time this month to be kind to myself – so my smug hash tag/mantra for the next few weeks is going to be #restorativeliving.

With this in mind I was delighted to be offered an Indian head and face massage from a local complimentary therapist. Rachel Morgan, who is based in Netil House, London Fields and specialises in head and face massage.

I had a holistic Facial Massage which is great for improving the appearance of the skin, relieving stress and tension and encouraging deep relaxation. The treatment included deep skin cleansing followed by scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage using warm organic essential oils, as well as sinus and lymph drainage which helps to reduce sinus problems (which I get a lot).

This was followed by an Indian head massage which is based on the Ayurvedic tradition of head, neck and shoulder massage given to promote health and circulation. Rachel used oils along with acupressure, kneading, rubbing and gentle friction to increase the flexibility in my neck and shoulders, improve my blood circulation and lumphatic flow and aid the release of toxins, stress and tension.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I felt amazing after the treatments and returned home to light a fire and read a book, as winter is for nesting and hunkering down at home under a blanket.

If you are in North or East London and feel like you need a winter treat I can highly recommend trying a massage. You can get in touch with Rachel at




  • Sarah says:

    Couldn’t agree more, as you get older you realise the diet/detox nonsense comes purely from papers/mags – and the only people who benefit are the retailers, and does little to raise your spirits in a month so short of good cheer – cold walks and warm fires are my January go to – that and a good clutter detox.

  • Hilary says:

    Yes! I couldn’t find a Sunday paper wanted to buy yesterday – they all seemed to be full of detox/eat yourself slim nonsense, and that’s just not what I want in the dark days of January. I’m going to take the self-care approach this month – long baths, long walks, good coffee and a couple of good cocktails. I’m pushing 50 and I’ve decided life is too short to wear a hair shirt!

  • Jane says:

    Could agree more Sarah and Hilary – no hair shirts for us!

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