Punk attitude at any age: Bruno Wizard

Hanging around the edges of the punk/indie scene in the late 70s/early 80s, I was and still am, fascinated with the people who were brave enough to follow their principles at any cost and make a true commitment to an alternative lifestyle. Punks who didn’t just love the music and clothes (like me) but who were anti-establishment and refused to compromise in any aspect of their lives and have carried this attitude as they age.

Bruno Wizard (another of the Bright Old Things) is a punk musician who became an underground legend for his original performances and ‘mystery man’ status in the mid 70’s. He performed at the Roxy club alongside The Jam, Generation X and The Wire, and was part of the ‘Blitz kids’ scene, living in the legendary Warren Street squat. His loathing of the establishment and conventional music industry made him reject record company contracts and follow his own heart and principles at any cost- even to the point of changing his band’s name to The Homosexuals to avoid record company interest.

Film maker Elizabeth Rasmussen met Bruno while working at Crisis for Christmas and after they struck up a relationship she decided to make a documentary about his life.

You can buy the film on DVD from Selfridges or rent it on Amazon.

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