Growing old in Hackney: The Posh Club

p02jxp3lAs you know, I’m determined to grow old in the city, as where I live now has everything I could want to ensure a happy old age – not least a sense of community, which in inner city London is a very special thing.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been involved in helping out at a local charity event to raise funds for Stokey Local, a group of local residents and business owners opposed to a large branch of Sainsburys opening in an area filled with really useful small independent shops.

Supporting local groups and getting involved in community issues is important and a great way of meeting people outside of your social circle. It also opens ones eyes to a wide variety of interesting local initiatives and events and there is no denying that (love them or hate them) churches are often at the centre of a lot of these.

Churches in London seem so much more inclusive than the small minded, smug congregations that I rejected as a teenager. Opening up their doors to a whole host of diverse projects, they host cold weather homeless shelters, AA and NA meetings and numerous interesting classes and clubs.

One of our local churches is one such place, run by a very modern vicar, who not only has a great voice (he sang the Vatican rap at our event and he’s on Twitter), the church yard is home to the local farmers market and the hall is currently hosting The Posh Club, “an elegent event for older folks in their 70s, 80s and 90s”.

Featuring different entertainers every week, along with a classic afternoon tea and champagne, the Posh Club encourages attendees to “arrive dressed to the nines in velvet evening gowns, tuxedos, splendidly shiny shoes and statement hats”.


106 year old Rene Sinclair in her statement hat

Those of you who have been reading TWR for a while might remember my previous post on my amazing neighbour Joyce and her friend Rene (above) – well she’s still going strong and getting out and about, enjoying life.

Poster Jan 2015Tickets are £3 and The Posh Club is every Wednesday from Wednesday from 12noon – 3pm at St Pauls Church Hall, corner of Stoke Newington Road & Amhurst Road, London, N16 and was featured on last weeks Saturday Live.


  • Osnat says:

    Wow the things that go on in Stoke Newington, what a wonderful initiative. And I do hope the Stokey local will succeed in preventing the dreaded Sainsbury opening in Stokey it will really change the character of the place and not for the better. Where do they want to open it by the way?
    In the ten years since I left I notice everytime I visit that Stokey although changing with the times is also managing to keep it’s very unique character and retaining all these lovely qualities it always had; a sense of community, small eclectic group of quirky shops and great restaurants and a mixture of people and eccentric characters who all live there. Hope it stays like that for a great deal longer.

  • Evelyn says:

    I would like to know about your posh club. I live in Hackney and would wish to visit and meet like minded people

    thank you Evelyn

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