Weekend Womon: Mariella Frostrup

image, The Telegraph

image, The Telegraph

I’ve just read Mariella’s excellent article in today’s Observer Magazine on ‘Life After 50’ and for this, she gets to be our Weekend Woman.

In it she explains what turning 50 was like in terms of her professional life -a bit bleak, as it turned out, they they shelved her only regular TV show The Book Club so she retreated to decorating the house. She also explains why there’s little on telly to attract us grown up women -apparently Shane Allen, BBC’s controller of comedy commissioning told her he is moving away from ‘menopausal comedy’. I’m still to discover what’s comical about the menopause, but whatever….

She points out, in her ever articulate style, that it’s shocking how little has been done to ease the menopausal symptoms most women go through as they hit 50, pointing out that her medical insurers AXA PPP told her -after decades of paying into it’s scheme- they wouldn’t cover the issues of sleeplessness, anxiety and memory loss she suffered around the menopause because ‘it’s natural’.

We still have lots to do, womenfolk, on changing attitudes towards being older. As grown up women, we have had a good start to the year in terms of visuals, but there’s still a long way to go. Good effort, Mariella.

The full article is here.



  • Liz Shedden says:

    I’m off to buy the Observer then!Some v good points for discussion. Just to say … I did have a feeling of crikey can’t believe it when I turned 50 but in the following years thought to myself come on just be yourself and get on with so…. I did all the things I’d dreamed of doing and last year opened the gallery and shop – next week I’m 55 ..(. Should it be – hash tag looking forward to free bus pass!!) One thing that does rankle is clothes company’s I buy from who say in their blurb – aimed at style conscious women 30 – 55 – what supposed to happen after that!!)

  • Sarah says:

    Love Mariella. I know she has had a lot of flak in the press about what she has said about her menopause difficulty, but as I am inching into that phase myself I am glad people in the public eye like Mariella are brave enough to speak about it. Keep talking Mariella, there’s still an audience, eventually the media will catch up to the fact!

  • amanda says:

    Liz, your comment on 55 being the last age on the box is my current PET HATE…..expect a blog post on the subject soon….and totes agree Sarah, eventually the media will catch up …Ax

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