Sandi Toksvig for Prime Minister, please.

sandi toksvig the womens equality partyI don’t know how I missed this, since I’m Sandi Toksvig’s biggest fan, but she’s starting her own political party, The Women’s Equality Party, all about women! HOW did this pass me by?

Sandi is leaving my favourite Radio 4 programme The News Quiz (I knew this much, because I’ve been wondering how I’m going to cope without her witty overview on the madness of the world on a Friday evening) because she feels she needs to get involved in making the political system a place where men and women’s voice are heard equally. Radical huh? Presumably nine years at the helm of The News Quiz has made her realise just how bad things are and the recent election can’t have helped. I know there are more women than ever in parliament this time around, but it’s still only a third of MPs that are women (and only 22% of women on the global stage), that’s not really anything much to sing and dance about, is it?

I am indebted to our regular reader Lindsey, who pointed me to this video of Sandi at the 2015 Hay Festival, explaining why she’s started the party and I have to say, I’d vote for her. Click the above photo to get the link too.

She is awesome as a speaker, combining wit and intense knowledge of her subject with a strong dose of common sense (some may say that’s just female thinking but I’ll leave that to you to decide). Anyway, I URGE you to watch the above, don’t bother with the whole thing, just skip to Sandi, she starts at 16.36 mins and goes on to 23.00 mins (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to edit in Youtube yet…..I have many skills but that’s not one). So for those of you who, like me, feel pretty downcast after the recent election and how little of it felt relevant to us as women, it will brighten your mood and make you think, well perhaps equality is not so unachievable after all’.

Sandi for Prime Minister? Just putting it out there.


  • Sarah says:

    Great clip. I first heard Sandi talk about this on Women’s Hour a few weeks ago,what they are planning/who’s joining is pretty impressive, hope they achieve their plan to have an electable party by the next election. I have spoken to a few (women, obvs) friends about this and we all agree, Sandi for PM!

  • Monix says:

    Hmm – I’m not “downcast” after the result of the last election and agree with some of Sandi T’s observations but not convinced that a party based on “women do it better” is the way forward…

  • Laura says:

    I think you should re-release/update this in light of the WEP’s phenomenal rate of growth in its opening months and because of the mounting leadership struggle.

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