Bank Holiday cocktail kit with Funkin Cocktails


I was sent a box of Funkin Cocktails last week and very jolly they looked too. Twentysomethingsons showed an interest as soon as I took each colourful carton out of the box….They were accompanied by a beautiful silk scarf by one of TWR”s favourite scarf designers, Cleo Ferin Mercury, who was commissioned by Funkin Cocktails to create one to complement the fruity stories behind the cocktail mixes. I love the scarf but viewed the mixes with some trepidation…

However, they are actually a very good thing. What you get is a convenient,  ready mixed carton of all that’s needed (save the spirit)  to create tasty cocktails on the go, or in a tent, or on a picnic or where ever it might be too challenging to chop fruit, herbs and measure out juices this Bank Holiday weekend. Middleson took the mojito mix to a party over the weekend and reported favourable comments, with the entire carton disappearing swiftly (the most reliable gauge, I find, in assessing if anything edible is ok in this house).

The idea is you get quality, tasty and additive free (they are keen on keeping out all the nasty chemicals) juices that are very credible for raising the level of stylish drinking at any non-kitchen-based event you might be attending this summer. Or any kitchen based ones too for that matter, as the convenience of having your strawberry daiquiri already mixed is extremely tempting. More on the Funkin website, including how to buy.

Cleo’s lovely scarf is available on her website here.


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