Bamford Grooming Department: The Travel Kit

Any Middleagedads who are looking to upgrade their on-the-go grooming kits may like the new travel kit from Bamford Grooming Department. Containing good sized bottles of no nonsense shampoo, body wash, exfoliating face wash and moisturiser, the collection is deliciously nicely-turned-out-man in the way it smells. I got middleagedad to trial it on our weekend away in Wales and nicked the face wash and moisturiser -which has extracts of the African Reviver plant in, which sounds a good thing-  a few times. His verdict? ” I quite like it’ which is high praise from him.

Would look impressively chic in any smart hotel room, a super yacht or indeed a shared bathroom in sunny Pembrokeshire….I think it would also make a good gift. Check out the rest of the recently launched range for men too, it’s for sale on Mr Porter and buy here,

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