Pommade Divine, your new ‘keep by your side’ cream

pommade divineAttention womenfolk, we have a good new ‘heal all’ cream to tell you about, Pommade Divine. Well actually it’s not new at all, this particular brand has been going since 1800, although it disappeared for a bit in the 80s. But it has now been rescued and relaunched,  I’ve been testing it over the last few days and I can report it’s excellent.

It is a bit like Elizabeth Arden’s 24hr cream, in that it fixes stuff; rigid cuticles, cracked heels, sore lips, minor cuts and even, apparently, eczema (although I haven’t tested this myself). I have found its waxy balm softens skin very fast, it does help scratches heal -and removes the nagging pain- and my cuticles are now instagram-ready (the new measure of all things beauty).

Truly, it is good. And smells rather interesting, a touch spicy, a whiff of chamomile and an atmosphere of old-school make-do-and-mend. The brand has a lot of documented history, including the charming claim that in the Downton-style nurseries of the aristocracy, it was known as Nanny’s Magic Ointment. The late Debo, Duchess of Devonshire said one sniff of it took her right back to the Mitford nursery.

I’m not sure if this will endear you to it or not, but I do think you’ll find it useful. I intend to never be without it. £20 for 50ml, buy here

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