The Future of aging?

Take a look at this fascinating but scary view of the future and how we strive to be connected. In the trends world we talk a lot about ‘being connected’ and how our idea of perfection is changing to include diversity and imperfection – lets hope being connected to wifi isn’t the answer!

Connected is a portrait of a woman grappling with aging, self-perception, and transformation in a technologically optimized world. Jackie (Pamela Anderson) is a burnt-out AuraCycle instructor in the midst of a midlife crisis. She’s obsessed with self-improvement podcasts (voiced by Jane Fonda), and she is soon drawn to an advanced yet enigmatic wellness spa that promises to enhance her mind, body and soul. Guided by her effortless and nubile mentor, Luna (Dree Hemingway), Jackie will give up anything to feel “connected” – to herself, to the future, and to a precarious sense of perfection.

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