We love Instagram and 93 year old models!

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I never fail to be inspired by the things I see on Instagram. The constant feed of images is not only a great way to find visual inspiration, it can also create real life connections, enabling creatives to generate interest around their ideas.


Japanese artist Chinami Mori makes super bright weaves known as Saori, using an assortment of rainbow-colored fabric, string, and yarn. The freestyle technique method is without restrictions allowing her to create fun combinations. “There are no rules,” she says. “I can weave as freely and as colorfully as I want.”


Mori’s 93 year old grandmother Emiko  is her favourite person in the world and spends time in her studio almost every day.  Her happy granny also proved to be the perfect model for her work and when Mori started to post pictures of her on her Instagram page, her 30k followers couldn’t get enough.


You can follow Mori on @1000wave.


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