Vote Womens Equality on May the 5th

We usually try not to get too political on TWR –  everyone to their own and all that – but the Womens Equality party is different. This new collaborative force in British politics is about uniting people of all genders, diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences in the shared determination to see women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men, so that all can flourish.

On May the 5th us Londoners will get the chance to vote for our new mayor. Most people don’t realise that we get two votes – a first and second preference. We also get two votes for the London Assembly – one for a local rep and another for a London-wide rep.


This is our chance to use our vote to help the Womens Equality party get the 120,000 votes they need to win a seat, without compromising who we want for mayor – by voting for WEPs Sophie Walker for  Mayor and giving our second preference to whoever we like (not Zac Goldsmith – oops did I just say that!) and voting Women’s Equality Party for the London-wide list, and giving our constituency vote to whoever we like.

Go on you know it makes sense – give half your votes to equality on 5th May – WE think that’s fair.

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  • Jude says:

    I hadn’t realised it takes so few votes to get someone into the London Assembly – just 5% of all votes! The other candidates I either don’t like, don’t trust or don’t agree with but this party just talk common sense. Honestly, the fact we’re still having to fight for equal pay FORTY years after the equal pay act says it all. This lot sound like they’re going to shake things up and get stuff done – they’ve got my two X’s.

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