A Fabulous Lipstick For All From Lipstick Queen

Listen up, womenfolk! I’ve learned about a terrific new lipstick from the Lipstick Queen that works for anyone. The weirdly green coloured Frog Prince is a shea-butter and vitamin E stuffed lipstick that once applied, amplifies your own lip colour by reacting with the pH of your lips. Neat eh? The green hue changes to a warm rosy pink -apparently unique to you – once applied, and really is a delight to wear. It comes as a green lip gloss too if you prefer that form of application.

I was so thrilled at learning about this at a recent press day I went straight out and bought one and have been wearing it ever since. The lipstick is a synche to apply, it’s just like a lip balm yet plumps and pinks-up your lips in a very natural way. By using it you moisturise your lips as well as gaining a bit of colour. There’s also a blush cream, which works on the same principle, bringing out your natural rosy glow.

For those that prefer a more coral tone to their lip hue, the Mornin’ Sunshine version has just launched (I think it’s exclusive to Space NK). It works in the same way, apply as a lip balm (it’s a more normal-looking waxy yellow) and it brings out the coral-pink tones of your natural colouring.

For anyone who isn’t committed (or can’t be bothered) to maintaining their lip colour though out the day, this is a great way to keep a bit of colour going. Buy here and here.


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