Sliders To Strive For

I’m touching wood heavily as I write this next bit of the next sentence, but I’ve never suffered from back problems. I think it’s because I do yoga and haven’t worn heels for ages, but I’m not foolish enough to think that at some point in the future, aches and pains wont creep in somewhere. When this happens I know I’ll be seriously drawn to wearing shoes that help.

The nice people at Strive footwear recently sent me a pair of extremely comfortable sliders in navy leather, with cork soles, so they were light as well as comfy. If you don’t know Strive, the brand specializes in creating shoes that help your posture through sculpted, 3D supportive soles, which are not only amazingly comfortable to wear, but also correctly position your foot – via something they call biomechanical footbed technology – so you walk and stand correctly.

I took my Maria buckled sliders to Dungeness for a test-wear last weekend. Now, Dungeness beach is beautiful, but it’s a nightmare to walk along due to the shingle and pebbles. I walked up and down for four days in the sliders and they were extremely successful in handling the terrain. And did I say they were comfortable? Very?

You do need to cherry pick the best styles from the website, I liked the patent trimmed Oahu II, the Lombok, and the Maria, and would happily shlepp around the house in the fur-lined Vienna.

Sadly I couldn’t keep the Maria’s as they counted as ‘New,’ so I popped them in the Swishing pile.


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