Scented Pencils From Caran D’Ache and Mizensir

Attention stationery geeks, it’s National Stationery Week! A good excuse to treat yourself to a new note book or set of coloured pens or possibly you might want to indulge in some scented pencils, like these lovely limited edition ones from Caran D’Ache and Mizensir. Made from special wood – Western Hemlock, White Oak, Silver Teak and White Ash, the set of four are deliciously infused with a scent created by Mizensir.

Both Caran D’Ache and Mizensir are Swiss based, if you haven’t heard of the Mizensir range, I interviewed the founder Alberto Morallis here – a VERY big noise (or should that be nose?) in the perfume world. He makes some of my favourite fragrances, ever. Seek out the comforting Musc Eternal or sandalwood-drenched Bois de Mysore

But back to these lovely pencils. Not only are they handsomely elegant, they also have divinely perfect leads (a B I think) that glide seductively over a page to leave your mark. They are all infused with Bois de Tibet, a smokey patchouli with a hint of coffee (from the tonka bean) that will have you developing a pencil-sniffing habit and ask questions like ‘why aren’t ALL pencils scented?’

They come stylishly packaged in mat black card and would make a very nice present for any stationery nerd out there. Buy here.




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