A Few Good Reads for Grown Up Women

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In the week where the new Vogue was born and the head count of grown up women between its pages reached a heady…..seven, (not including the adverts) we went searching for a few more relevant-to-us reads to keep us busy. Hopefully editor Mr Enninful will do more features including grown up women, but until he does, here’s some great long reads I’ve come across recently.

Menocore; we are so Hot Right Now

A great feature on Manrepeller recently by Harling Ross (is it just me or do American Millennials have really lovely names?) on how she’s been inspired by menopausal women, style wise. Apparently Menocore is the new Normcore, who knew? In particular, Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, with her cosy knits, forgiving linen separates and tiny glasses. I’d add Annette Benning in 20th Century Women to that list (my fav film this year) and her fabulous printed shirts.  Read it here.

Being miserable at 40: the new mid-life crisis looks like this.

An excellent article on Oprah, by Ada Calhoun, on how the generation of women that thought it could do everything is now buried under a dark cloud of fear, anxiety, anger, sweatiness and insomnia. I’ve been thinking a lot about what happens next in life. I’m aware of my own mortality at 57 and know I’m looking at maybe a decade or, if I’m very lucky, two of good quality work/ life time. How do we want to spend it? Will we ever be able to afford to do just the stuff we love?  Good to see older women’s issues under the spotlight. Read it here

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Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius

Really excellent article, by Lindsay Zoladz on Joni (fessing up, I’m such a fan girl) and how she is not given proper recognition for her prodigious talent because she’s female. There has been a tidal change recently in how the art world appreciates women artists, with a more positive and balanced view. it’s about frigging time and you may remember we wrote about it waaay back here. Now it’s time to look at female musicians in the same way. We’re used to hearing about ‘rock gods’ in music, lets make it all about the goddesses now. Joni is a goddess. Read it here

Anti Ageing: it’s over.

Some of you might have already read Allure editor in chief Michelle Lee’s statement that the magazine will no longer be using the term anti-ageing in any of its editorial from now on. The idea that age is something to be fought against is absolutely over. Instead the magazine will use pro-ageing to refer to grown up beauty and fashion, it’ll be about embracing, promoting and loving the age you are. I know, about time, right? Hello, every other magazine still using ‘anti’, are you listening? Read it here.

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The Modist

Our thanks to @jodieball on insta who directed us to The Modist, a shopping and editorial platform which has a great long interview with Linda Rodin, accompanied by a lovely shoot of her wearing gorgeous clothes and looking fabulous. The site is full of beautiful clothes that don’t flash flesh, which is a delightful change. The overall result is a shopping destination that exudes an elegant and refined vibe. It’s luxury end, but there are some good editorial features to crib ideas off to wear IRL. Read it here



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