Menopausal Beer From Libeeration

I can not believe we missed the press release by The Portsmouth Brewery from New Hampshire, about its new brew Libeeration Beer, which claims to ease menopausal symptoms. Its a lovely idea, the gruit style ale has replaced the hops with herbs such as chamomile, lemon balm, motherwart, chickweed, mugwort, rose and damiana, all of which can help with the symptoms of menopause.

Most menopause advice is to steer clear of alcohol, as it can be a trigger for hot flushes, but we hugely admire the idea that someone’s trying to make products to help ease our suffering. It probably goes without saying that the beer’s creator and co owner of the brewer is a woman, Joanne Francis. I love the craft-beer loving, grown up women on the beer’s label, how joyous!

I’m not sure if you can buy the beer in the UK, the website is here, but hopefully someone will get on the case ASAP.

Meanwhile, excuse me while I nip off to invent a menopausal Negroni…

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