How To Survive The Flu

I’ve been felled this week by killer flu, a really nasty bug with aches, sweats and shivers that had me horizontal and weepy for seven days. I really hope you don’t get it, but if you do, in between the moments when it hurts to read and you’re mainlining Lemsip – the following helped.

Podcasts- Unzipped The Telegraph Fashion Desk

The newish, weekly podcast from the fashion team at The Telegraph is hosted by Emily Cronin and features most of the fashion desk including Lisa Armstrong, who is still my favourite fashion writer. They are informed, funny and cover all the week’s topics in terms of clothes. I dozed in and out of consciousness while binge listening to all the available episodes. If you’ve ever worked on a fashion desk, it’s a bit listening into the chatter when someone comes back from a show -couture in Paris with Lisa – or having just seen the latest Fashion film preview – Daniel Day Lewis in The Phantom Thread – or last night’s fashion party – The Fashion Awards. If I ever meet any of these girls IRL I’m going to have to hold back from hugging them like old workmates, which after eight episodes is what they feel like.

Podcasts – Jesse Ware Table Manners

TBH I wasn’t even too sure who Jessie Ware was until I did a quick google, but it doesn’t really matter, as it’s Lennie, her mum and co host who makes this worth listening to. They invite someone round for home cooked lunch, mostly fabulous Greek food in huge quantities, and chat about life. The one with Sandi Toksvig is a hoot, they almost kill her with love, and Sam Smith is also very entertaining.

Podcasts – Peter Morgan on Writing The Crown

Recommended by The High Low girls Pandora and Dolly, (another great podcast listen) this interview with Peter Morgan on Fresh Air is about how he made The Crown. Excellent behind the scenes speculation on the Royals, essential listening for any The Crown fans.

Long reads – Mary Beard in The Guardian

When it didn’t make me cry with pain to read, I loved this informed and lengthy analysis by Charlotte Higgins on the wonderful Mary Beard. She just sounds so down to earth and sane. It’s a shame she doesn’t fancy running the country really. Makes you wish you’d read classics at Cambridge. I’ve ordered her new book.

Shorts – Helen Mirren Life Lessons on Vogue

Helen shows us how to take a selfie and make a cup of tea in this odd little film on Vogue videos. In my fevered state I found this  quite surreal. These Vogue videos must have been around before Edward Enninful took over, but they seem to have taken on a slightly artful tack since he started.

Shorts – Maggie Hambling’s Five Favourite Things

While you’re on Vogue, Maggie Hambling is simply magnificent, although utterly terrifying.

Shorts – Meryl and Anna talk about The Post

Five minutes of fabulousness, if you are too hurty for a full length episode of anything, this quick interview between marvelous Meryl and waaay too skinny Anna is a delight.


  • Sarah says:

    Have also had the fearsome flu, just brutal, feeling my way back to normality, great tips, thanks.

  • Sue Evans says:

    Get better soon Amanda ! Lots of fizzy vitamin C tablets in not very much water every couple of hours. xxx

  • Jan says:

    Apparently zinc and vitamin D are the new vitamin C!

  • Thanks team, have dosed myself up with everything vitamin-letter-wise and am getting a bit better…Ax

  • Jacqueline says:

    I loved the Helen Mirren film. Thank you for bringing it and the podcasts to my attention.

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