Dance Your Hearts Out, Silver Swans

For all you wannabe ballerinas out there, the Royal Academy of Dance has an on line programme of home ballet classes designed for Silver Swans, which is its way of describing budding ballerinas who may be more silver than swan. Details here

I’ve personally never yearned for a pink tutu or satin pumps with wooden soles, but I know many of you do love the idea of either revisiting your childhood dance dreams, or of taking up ballet to improve your fitness now you’re properly grown up. Well what better time than now?

You may not be able to get your hands on a tutu (although I can imagine they are super easy to make) but you can escape to a spare corner of home space for ten minutes and engage with your inner Margot Fonteyn.

PS just discovered that Sadler’s Wells is also running a 60plus dance class, find out more here.

Above image of Margot Fonteyn from the Royal Academy of Dance website


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  • Being a person with serious social anxiety and a self loathing mindset, I find this hard to apply to my everyday. I want to be confident and I love to dance but I get so concerned with others that I lose that love. I image dancing in front of people but falter because I image embarrassing myself even when no one is there. It’s hard and yeah it’s though to get over especially when your self consciousness has been with you long term but every so often I get a day where I feel like Beyoncé and I strut and just feel myself and I see that I’m one step closer to being confident.

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