Style Icon – Irene Williams

The Women’s Room launches in a crazy week. Just as the main cash artery to sartorial satisfaction is severed, we come along with a blog about how to stay stylishly dressed and sane when you’re no longer 24 and look like Alexa Chung.

Fear not during these mad days of hysterical bankers and the BBC’s gorgeous business editor Robert Peston giving it to us straight and scary. There’s more to life than buying expensive stuff. Style requires dedication and innovation, having lots of money’s just a short cut to brain dead selection.

Take the lovely Irene Williams in the video above who hasn’t been 24 in a while and is rich only in imaginative ways to dress-for-less, but we think she looks sensational. Her hats are a joy, particularly the one made from a loo seat cover, as is her spunky attitude.

With just the right amount of eccentric glamour she is an inspiration and as you will discover in the coming months, there’s nothing we admire more than a little eccentric behaviour to lift the mood. Just what’s needed today, we think.

So despair not at the thought of a restricted spend, there’s still plenty of fun to be had and lots of shopping to be done –yes really, did you think we were going to administer parsimony as a medicinal cure? Us? We’ll just have to be clever about how and what to spend money on. Stick with us and we’ll show you how. Meanwhile, today we’re channelling Irene’s funky South Beach look, hats included.

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